Facing the Future

Facing the Future

This was a one day conference held by Killearn Kirk for members of the congregation to attend and begin the search for the way Killearn Kirk should move forward in the future. There were about 40 attendees of all ages who helped make the day a success on the first rung of the step to finding what God has in store for us.

Stuart, our minister, led the way by begining with a reading from the Message Bible entitled "Keep it simple", Luke 9: 1 - 11.  He presented 6 sessions leading us through various topics to search what we have done, where we are and what thinking we needed to do to start moving to the future. It was not a day where we came out thinking and knowing we had solutions to everything but a start to the process and learning to lean on and rely on God to guide us onwards.

The 6 sessions were: Reality check; Hallmarks of a missional church; What we do now; Change costs; What makes a healthy church; Time to reflect.

A workbook was produced.

The sessions were recorded to enable participants and non-participants listen to the conversations of each session. Each session had an associated powerpoint which is attached with the audio file as a pdf.

The level of recording is not good and they have been removed from the audio section of the website. They are still available on request.

Any queries from these sessions can be sent to the minister.


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